Reflecting on 2008's Gala

We bring you news about Saturday's Ingleton Gala and can happily report that it was a fantastic occasion. Ingleton's Gala Committee would like to thank everyone involved with the day (including the months running up to it). Without the dedication and commitment of many volunteers it would not have been possible. Thanks too to everyone who attended and helped us to raise those much needed funds for local causes. (we are still counting and will update you on figures when we have them)

The weather certainly challenged us. It rained for most of the week leading up to the gala, including Friday night when the field was being set up for the day. We'd made the decision to go ahead as planned, as the Ingleborough Mountain Race and Junior Championships would take place in all weathers.

On Saturday morning the sun made an appearance and although there were heavy showers, it was all systems go. Everyone taking part in the fancy dress competition gathered at Ingleton Primary School field at 11.30am and the judging commenced. By 11.45 the road closure was in place and at 12 noon promptly the parade set off on its route around the village towards the gala field. Thank you to all drivers of vehicles who had to take a diverted route or wait patiently for the parade to pass by.

As ever, everyone taking part had made a huge effort and participants and spectators thoroughly enjoyed the driving samba beat of 'Batala Lancaster' as the parade passed through the village and onto the gala field.

The gala day was extremely well attended and with lots of activities going on throughout the day the community spirit in Ingleton shone through. (the sun even made an appearance too)

Hannah Newbold received her crown from last year's Gala Queen, Lauren Capstick and was attended by Kelly, Jade, Georgia, Lydia, Ellie, Chloe and pageboy Alex. Their float was beautifully decorated and huge thanks must go to all their families. The amount of work required to make the float look so wonderful could not go unnoticed.

Hannah Newbold - Ingleton Gala Queen 2008

Competition results for the fancy dress were as follows:

Pretty 12 and under – 1 Bill & Ben, 2 Little Miss Pretty, 3 Prince and the Pea; Pretty Over 12 – 1 Strictly Come Dancing; Comic 12 and under – 1 I should have gone to Specsavers, 2 Clowing Around, 3 Ghostbuster; Comic Over 12 – 1 St Trinians, 2 Ghost; Original 12 and under – 1 Goks Fashion, 2 NW Air Ambulance, 3 Teletubby; Original Over 12 – 1 Rambo, 2 Clone Trooper, 3 Morticia; Bikes or prams 12 and under – 1 Bill & Ben, 2 Fire Rescue; Bikes or prams Over 12 – 1 Air Ambulance; Groups – 1 Credit Crunch, 2 Charlie, 3 St Trinians; Floats – 1 Ingleton Circus, 2 Ingleton Mountain Race, 3 Alexandra Ragtime Band, 4 Playgroup Express

Winners of Bikes or Prams - Bill and Ben

Karen Hayton (birthday girl) did a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed about activities and events throughout the day and roamed as far as her radio microphone would allow her.

Gala Day Acts and Displays:

Batala Lancaster Samba Beats

High Crompton Morris Troupe Majorettes Baton Display, Thornton Force BMX Bike Display and some great live music acts, including Zoltan, on the 'Ingleton's Got Talent Stage', brought to us by Chris Bibby.

NB: Thornton Force BMX Bikers are a group of local lads who love to practise stunts with their BMX bikes - the gala day was a brilliant opportunity for them to share their talent with the community.

Mystery celebrity guest:

Tom Lister did indeed attend Ingleton Gala, but he was not the anticipated 'mystery celebrity guest'. He brought along with him Christopher Villiers, who plays Grayson Sinclair in 'Emmerdale'. Chris was a great sport and signed lots of autographs, had lots of photographs taken and helped us to hand out prizes and draw the raffle..... as too did Tom. Thank you Chris and Tom for helping to make the day so special.

Chris Villiers (Emmerdale's Grayson Sinclair) and a few members of the gala committee

Ingleborough Mountain Race:

Organiser Dave McGonnigal ran a smooth operation and the event was well attended. Race results are available on the Ingleton Gala website home page:

Hot Air Balloons:

Balloonists from the North West Balloon and Airship Club were tremendous too. They had camped out on Friday night in the torrential rain and had been waiting patiently for a break in the rain, cloud and wind. Finally, at 8.30pm on Saturday night it was possible for them to set up on the field and launch one of the hot-air balloons on a night time flight. Then at 9.30pm as the light dimmed people attending the gala night time event were treated to a wonderful thirty minutes of 'Night Glow' display. (see photo below)

North West Balloon & Airship Club Night Glow Display, Ingleton Gala 2008


Musical entertainment at the gala night event was provided by Elaine Ward (junior disco), Broughton Blues Band - live rock and blues music and Chris Bibby (late night disco).

The pressure is on now for next year!!!.... watch this space.





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